Month: April 2014

Robotization Changes Everything

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Cristina Andersson: Robots will free us from routine work

Fujitsu Net 1/2014,  2014-04-16

Digitalization is swiftly transforming work and society. However, this is just the beginning. The next step is robotization.

Robotization is a globally rising trend that is hardly discussed in Finland. This was one of the starting points for Cristina Andersson and Jari Kaivo-oja’s book titled Boho Business released a couple of years ago. Last November they participated in organizing the first ever robotics week in Finland. Now, a consortium named Robotics Finland is being established for businesses and organizations within this industry.

In Cristina Andersson’s opinion, Finland is too fixated on just digitalization – people think it will suffice.

”Robots turn digital data into physical actions. A robot is an actor, just like a human being is”, Andersson says.

She points out that the evolving technology will have a major impact on society… read the entire story.